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1. Is Astrology scientifically-proven?

Answer: No. There have been no recorded studies or scientific research on astrology. It is considered pseudoscience with no demonstrated effectivity in controlled studies. However, it has been proven to be true in many cultures and claims to provide insight into an individual’s life through various means.

2. Can astrology predict the future?

Answer: Many astrologers are blessed with psychic abilities that enable them to predict the future of anyone; however, astrologers do not always predict it accurately and their findings may differ depending on the information you provide to them.

3. What is the difference between Sun sign and Moon sign?

Answer: In astrology, your Sun sign represents your zodiac personality, whereas your Moon sign — the second most important influence in the horoscope chart after the Sun — indicates your emotions and inner mood.

4. Which Astrology is more accurate - Vedic or Western?

Answer: Vedic astrology uses Moon Sign and Ascendant as well as its lords. On the other hand, western astrology is based on the Sun sign. Since the moon is closer to Earth, Vedic astrology is believed to be more accurate.

5. What if you don’t know your exact date of birth and time? Can I still know my future?

Answer: Astrologers generally require your correct date of birth, time, and place to accurately predict your future and provide you with life insights. However, if you don’t know your date of birth, they will use palmistry, a method of foretelling the future through the study of the palm, to tell about your life. So, they only need your or your palm's photo.

6. What is Ayanamsa?

Answer: Ayanamsa is a Sanskrit term, meaning the Precision of equinoxes and is best described as the angle by which the sidereal ecliptic of an astronomical body is less than its tropical ecliptic longitude.

7. How can I make sure that the astrologer I am seeing is real and not a phony?

Answer: An astrologer usually descends from an astrologer's family or is qualified from a renowned Astrology university. He performs spiritual practices and lives a simple life as described in scriptures. Remind you, astrologers should not be misconstrued with pandits, tantriks, psychics, and others.

8. How do I choose an astrologer?

Answer: Choosing the right astrologer can be hard. You should look for an experienced professional with credible certifications from a renowned university. Also, your astrologer must provide you with information in an easy language and should not be too technical. Also, if someone in your circle knows a reliable astrologer, you can seek help from them. We help our clients in predicting their future with integrity, and virtues we live by.

9. Can I book a consultation online?

Answer: Yes. You can use our “Contact Us” page and fill out the form to book an appointment in advance. Arjun Swami Ji will take care of your problems in the best possible manner.

10. In which cities do you provide your services?

Answer: We provide our services all over the USA with major cities like Florida, Washington, D.C, Orlando, Texas, New Mexico, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Houston, and many others.

11. Are readings private and confidential?

Answer: All of your sessions with Pandit Arjun Swami Ji are 100% confidential and One-on-One so that you can discuss all your personal queries freely and comfortably. We assure you of confidentiality.