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Embrace Professional Success By Eliminating Negative Energies

Trying hard to get that promotion in the workplace for months but to no avail? Have a shining CV but facing a lot of difficulties in getting a job that actually suits your profile? Or perhaps, you run into problems and obstacles on a daily basis, all of which are wrecking your work-life balance...Read More

Which Zodiac Signs Have Good Luck On Their Side In Matters Of Love?

Irrespective of all the efforts you put into your love life, sometimes it doesn’t work. Meeting someone special, committing to that person, and maintaining a healthy relationship is not an easy task. With the right attitude, a little luck, and the brilliance of love astrology, each one of us can find our soulmate and fall truly, madly, deeply in love...Read More

3 Myths About Psychic Reading That You Should Know About

People have always been fascinated by psychic powers. But ever since phonies pretending to have superpowers started conning people, they have developed a lot of skepticism towards this mystical power that only a few can possess. The major reason for the skepticism so intense is the myths that revolve around psychic reading. And like with any other myth, they need...Read More

Meet A Spiritual Healer, Let The Guided Healing Begin

When you hear ‘spiritual healing’, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Know that it has nothing to do with any particular religion. The origin of the word ‘spiritual’ lies in the Latin word ‘spiritus’ which means ‘breath of life’. A spiritual healer guides you on a journey of relaxation while releasing negative energy and tensions that act as roadblock to your success...Read More

What Your Zodiac Signs Says About Your Money And Spending Habits

Did you know your zodiac signs say quite a lot about your financial habits? Find out what yours has to say: ♈ Aries People who are born under Aries are known to be confident and always ready to take risks. However, that also leads them to spend impulsively and then become frustrated because of the seemingly long time it takes to save money...Read More

Why Married Couples Fight: 3 Common Reasons For Disputes Between Husband And Wife

In marriage, disagreements are inevitable. Two people who are emotionally and intellectually different will have differences of opinion, and they are, in fact, a part of any healthy relationship. But sometimes small disagreements can quickly escalate into fights, and when not addressed at the right time, these fights can create irreversible hostility between husband and wife, and inevitably end up damaging the marriage. ...Read More

Are You Unlucky In Love? Here’s How You Can Turn That Around

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to find “the one” at one go while others scurry around in a bid to find even meaningful connections? The traditional understanding of love and relationships tell us that if you are relatively good looking with a decent personality, love will effortlessly come to you. But we all probably know that person who is attractive and charming and yet struggles to find the elusive “love of their life.” Maybe chances are that you are that person. And if you have been struggling for a long time, you may start to feel like an unlucky loser at the game of love. Here’s how you can change that:...Read More

3 Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed For A Divorce

In the U.S., the divorce rate has gone down significantly in the last couple of years, but the probability that the average married couple will divorce in their lifetime is still quite high. Marriage is surely not a bed of roses, but no one gets married assuming that in a few months or years, they will be separated from their spouse. However, there may come a time when the relationship may become strained, causing the couple to drift away from one another. But that does not happen all of a sudden. There are warning signs everywhere that a marriage is going to break apart; it’s just that the people involved ignore them or refuse to see them...Read More

5 Zodiac Signs That Are Known For Their Have Anger Issues

There is always one friend or family member with whom every interaction is like a walk on eggshells. They lose their temper quickly, sometimes for the smallest of reasons, and then there is no calming them down, at least for a while. Why does this happen? Well, in astrology, some zodiac signs are known for their easily flared temper, and there are chances that this friend or family member belongs to one of those signs....Read More

What Is COVID-19: Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

While I write this, more than half a million Americans and almost two million around the world have been infected with the novel coronavirus. While several people have recovered, there have also been thousands of deaths as a result of the virus. In addition to that, with economic activities halted in most countries in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, the world economy is undergoing significant suffering....Read More

Solving Marital Problems with Astrology

Sara and Neel fought almost every day, right from the moment they walked into their home after a tiring day at work. It started with small misunderstandings but soon snowballed into disagreements over life-changing decisions that they had to make. With angry jabs and taunts becoming the order of the day, Sara had to convince Neel that it was time to seek professional help if they wanted to make their marriage work.However, even after weeks of marital therapy, nothing worked for them because they’d end up stonewalling each other. Depressed and frustrated, Neel thought that they were heading towards a divorce.....Read More

Things to Keep In Mind When Going For a Psychic Reading

Many people are under the impression that psychic advisers are mind readers or magicians. While there may be a little bit of truth in that as they are capable of picking up energies and master abilities like clairvoyance and mediumship, psychic readings are much more than that. Psychics help you make sense of things that go beyond the ambit of natural laws. Psychics receive information through various mediums, be it that of seeing or hearing and use the same to help you make sense of whatever you are trying to seek out. You even have the option to go for psychic phone readings if you are way too busy to actually visit a psychic! Honestly speaking, psychic reading sessions make for an awe-inspiring experience....Read More